As one of our vision and mission objectives, Traxtudio aims to stay a major networking facilitator in the entertainment and corporate media industry. Traxtudio is on the forefront of everything new in the corporate media and entertainment industry - leading the way. Years ago Traxtudio CEO and founder, Riaan Steyn, identified a need to make glamorous events even more glamorous by adding his (and the company's) collective and extensive knowledge and sensitive touch of audio-art to corporate events, media launches etc. Recently Riaan was sitting at yet another glamorous event of The Aleit Group - pioneers in their field. And "it" happened: Marry the expertise of the prestigious Aleit Group with that of the pioneers of the audio industry, Traxtudio. This joined force will be unstoppable and possibilities, endless.


VAS (Value Added Services): Adding the magic touch to your event...

On the one side you have the best of the very best in global events coordinating (The Aleit Group) and on the other side, the award winning global audio and music group. Now, anything is possible.

Adding to your event anything from:

  • app-designing,
  • audio integration,
  • specialist audio branding,
  • mixing your corporate videos for your event,
  • recording your event or broadcasting it live (online/radio/TV),
  • composing your own songs for the company or event,
  • bringing our own 70 piece orchestra and choir to perform.

Integrated Event Coordination for the Film Industry in Cape Town:

We also wish to serve the global film industry in Cape Town (and South Africa). With our partners we can provide you with the following services when you are filming in Cape Town (as well as South Africa and Namibia):
Via our licensed Financial Service Provider, Futura Administrators (Pty) Ltd, we can assist you in finding the best short term insurance solutions to insure your filming (and other) equipment.

Now you can fly cost-effectively in a private jet (with GETJET) with a fully-qualitied airhostess whom was involved in the entertainment industry for years.

We can also offer an integrated personal security solution should this be required to ensure a save travel experience.

Via our security partner we ensure a safe filming location with our onsite security solutions.

Furthermore, as part of our integrated approach we are also able to arrange highly-skilled and armed personal security guards (body guards) that will be available 24/7.
To ensure an amazing film launch, Aleit Event Projects has a broad service offering to ensure a superior and perfectly handcrafted event that embodies sophistication and simplicity. This prestigious group have an unwavering devotion to quality and trendsetting benchmarks. Their fine-tuned standards remain the one golden rule.
Lastly, Traxtudio Holdings International is one of the audio giants around the globe. Whatever you need, we can do it:

  • recording with the only dedicated 70-piece Film and Media Scoring Symphony Orchestra and Choir on the African Continent,
  • sound designing,
  • composing,
  • ADR and post-production
  • and even the international launch event in Cape Town (or anywhere in South Africa and Namibia).

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