1. The preliminary round is an online-competition. Thus the judges will adjudicate your performance video/s which you’ve submitted online via our Facebook Group or via WhatsApp;
  2. The regional quarter finalists will be notified by our office 4 days prior the quarter final round in the mall via email. (Should a quarter finalist not be able to attend the round in the mall, the adjudicator panel can, at its own discretion, and on merit, put the quarter finalist through to the semi-final round).
  3. The quarter-finalists will perform at the shopping centre the contestant selected upon entry on a specific date, to be published on the Facebook Group and communicated via email;
  4. During the quarter finals a number of semi-finalists will be selected by the adjudicators;
  5. As part of (a small percentage of the) judging criteria, listeners of selected local radiostations (media/broadcasting parters) might be asked to vote for their favourite quarter-finalist to go through to the semi-final round, via a SMS-system.
  6. The names of the semi-finalists will be published on the Facebook Group and semi-finalists will be notified via email;
  7. The semi-finalists will perform at the regional semi-finals (in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Namibia) DURING OCTOBER 2020.
  8. The finalists will be announced at one of the two above mentioned events after which radio interviews will be conducted with the finalists.
  9. As part of the judging criteria for the final round, listeners of selected radiostations (broadcasting partners) might be asked to vote via a SMS-system for their top-finalist. This will form a small percentage of the judging criteria which will be taken into account in selecting the overall winner during the final round.
  10. The final round will be a red-carpet event on 31 OCTOBER 2020 to be hosted at Mall of Africa, Midrand, Gauteng. The overall winner will be crowned at this event. Tickets for this event can be purchased online via this webpage.