Traxtudio Consult is the first of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere. We provide a comprehensive service to professionals in the following sectors, as part of the media industry in South Africa:

- The Entertainment Industry;
- The Broadcasting Industry (TV, Film, Radio, Online);
- The Publishing Industry.

At Traxtudio Consult we provide our clients with industry-specific services:



Unison Group Life and Risk is a product which, for the first time in South Africa, aims to satisfy a very important need amongst the role players in the Entertainment, Music and Media Industry. That is the need for affordable Life, Disability and Trauma Cover as well as providing for Funeral costs. These risk benefits are now available to role players in the abovementioned sector on a Group basis- Meaning that it is presented to the participants in the Entertainment, Music and Media sector at a cheaper rate than individual life risk products and without the normal medical questions and tests.
The product offers the following benefits:

1. The Life Assurance Benefit provides cover in the event of death of the Principal Member.
2. The Capital Disability Benefit covers the Principal Member in the event of disability. Meaning the member would be compensated when he/she is totally, permanently and continuously incapable of engaging in their own normal occupation, or in any other occupation for and in which, in Capital Alliance’s opinion, they could reasonably be considered capable of engaging by virtue of their training and general experience.
3. The Trauma Benefit is payable on the diagnosis of a traumatic illness. For example; chronic renal failure, paraplegia, heart attack, blindness, organ transplant, major burns, stroke, coronary bypass surgery, deep coma, cancer etc.
4. The conversion option allows members to continue their cover after leaving the scheme upon reaching the age of 65 or leaving the Industry with minimal or no underwriting.
5. Funeral Plan: To provide funeral benefits to role players in the South African music, media and entertainment industry. Various options are available to members. A 24-hour “help” line is available if the Funeral option is taken.

Basic Last Will and Testament – free of charge if the Funeral option is taken.