1. Repertoire:

  • All choirs may perform THREE songs; not exceeding the time constraints as indicated below:
Junior Choirs: Grade 1-3 8 minutes
Senior Choirs:13 years & younger 10 minutes
19 years & younger 12 minutes
Regional Choir: 14 years & younger 10 minutes
Regional Choirs: 19 years & younger 12 minutes
Open Choirs: 26 years & older 15 minutes
Contemporary Choirs: Senior Primary Schools 10 minutes
Contemporary Choir: High Schools 12 minutes
Chamber Choir: 19 Years & younger 12 minutes
Chamber Choir - Regional Choir: 19 Years & younger 12 minutes
Chamber Choir (High Schools) Contemporary 12 minutes
Chamber Choir: Open category 15 minutes
Youth Choir 25 years & younger 15 minutes
  • The aim must still be to achieve balance in the programme – use of different tempo, moods and contemporary styles.
  • Part-singing (at least 2 parts) is compulsory. However, this is not expected of the junior choirs.

2. Important directives:

  • All choirs are required to sing notated music.
  • Choirs must present THREE contrasting works. There must be variation in the character, tempo, atmosphere and tonality of the pieces presented.
  • The selection of songs is to match the age group of the choir members.
  • The complete score, including accompaniment, must be supplied to the adjudicators. The sheet music presented to the adjudicators must be in accordance with the song sung by the choir (e.g. if the choir sings a two-part song, it must be displayed in the sheet music as two-part).
  • Movement of the hands and body is permitted.
  • It is expected of all choirs to present a well-balanced programme.

3. Contemporary choirs:

  • Works by composers since 1950 may be presented. Arrangements are allowed.
  • Contemporary music includes pop songs, gospel music, jazz, songs from musicals and arrangements of traditional music in a light/ contemporary style.
  • Choirs in the contemporary category are allowed to use a drum kit (acoustic or electronic) and a microphone (for soloists or beat-boxing).