Traxtudio Acoustic Architects will do an acoustic analysis to assess your acoustic environment and (thus) requirement, and will customize the best possible solution for your acoustical needs. With our integrated multi-disciplinary approach we bring the experts together to come with a plan of action based on a scientific approach.

Whether it is a home theatre, studio, hospital, factory, court or museum – we will help you to acoustically get the most out of the space.


Two words: Association and balance. Think about past experiences you’ve had at for example at a (government) hospital. Some will describe this experience as cold and will hear the “echo” of the passages and how this amplifies the snoring of patients and the scream of child.

Another scenario can be at an airport or factory that, due to noise levels, you cannot hear yourself think, or even the call center operator whom you cannot hear properly because of background noises. It is all connected to the way people feel and perceive, as spaces have certain associations.

Acoustic treatment can be used to adjust the level of sound depending on the desired result. Certain spaces need amplification in order sustain a specific perception (read: “feeling”) or experience, while other spaces need to be able to absorb undesirable harsh sounds to make the experience a pleasant one.

Sound can make or break your “space”. It’s about balance.


• Home theatre design and acoustics;
• Architectural Acoustics
- Airports
- Auditoriums
- Courts
- Entertainment venues
- Hotels
- Museums
- Office spaces (including Call Centers)
• Environmental Acoustics (Noise Control)
- Environmental Noise Impact Studies and Solutions
• Industrial Noise Management.


Our multi-disciplinary team:

  • An architect and Senior Architectural Technologist - Bendery Mostert, BTech (that will access the architecture – physical structure- and handles the 3D concept design)
  • Electrical Engineer: Dr. Ifriky Sokeng Tadadjeu – BSc (Physics), BTech, MTech (both in Electrical Engineering), MSc (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), PhD
  • Accountant: Jacques le Roux, Professional Accountant, BTech
  • Acoustical Engineer: Riaan Steyn - BTh, MDiv, Licentiate (Cum Laude)University of Stellenbosch; busy with PhD