Traxtudio Records - A New Way Of Thinking About Record Labels...

Traxtudio Records is one of the ten umbrella-companies of Traxtudio Holdings International operational in South Africa, Australia, Namibia and the European Union.

Traxtudio Records is a NON-TRADITIONAL record label that strives to be a home for (previously) homeless independent artists.

We believe in quality and because we know the market so well, in the countries that we are operational in, Traxtudio Records partners with its artists to provide them with the production, manufacturing, distribution and marketing they need to succeed in today's tough music industry.

At Traxtudio Records we understand that you need an excellent support team, but also that you (as an artist) need to earn a living.

With Traxtudio Records you,as the artist, remain in control. You will receive the highest royalties in the industry in terms of music publishing and maintain the rights to your work.

Traxtudio Records does not take on every project that is submitted. We are interested in the potential of every artist.

How can we help you as an artist and what makes TRAXTUDIO RECORDS different from traditional labels?

We would like to get to know you.
Your identity is important and that you stay true to it. The difficult part is how to incorporate and develop this identity into a product that is marketable (and accepted by the industry) and profitable for you as an artist.

We believe at TRAXTUDIO CONSULT that wealth planning is fundamental for the success of any artist.

We will assist you with the planning and setting up of:
1. An affordable short term insurance portfolio (to suit your lifestyle and budget);
2. Estate planning (to leave your legacy behind);
3. Health Insurance Portfolio (to suit your lifestyle and budget);
4. Life Insurance Portfolio;
5. Legal advise for media professionals, like yourself, if needed.

At TRAXTUDIO CONSULT we have a team of industry experts that will assist the aspiring artist to do thorough market research in one of the countries we are operational in.

We, and you as an artist, must know exactly what the industry want before either party invest!

Long before we go into studio, and after we've determined and defined a target audience (market) for the artist, we advise on media and marketing channels and utilize the correct channels to hit the market! According to the market research and your identity, we determine the repertoire and genre of album.

We start sourcing songwriters and laying down the scratch tracks at Traxtudio International Recording Studio Group.

If necessary we will also advise on vocal coaches in your country/area.

While you are preparing for the recording our marketing team at Traxtudio Media and Sales will be actively organizing radio interviews, setting up of social media pages and campaigns, organizing online interviews and advise on utilizing also traditional media and marketing channels.

Our team will also assist you with setting up your own video channels and website.

At Traxtudio International Recording Studio Group we will make sure that we get the best producer and arranger for your genre in our group at one of the studios closest to you, as well as hire the best session musicians, specializing in the genre.

While the final mixing and mastering is taking place, you will be busy with marketing and setting up your portfolio in terms of shooting of a music video and producing lyric videos.

We've partnered with leading film production companies in every country we are operational in.

When you are on set with your music video and the master is done, we will assist you with the manufacturing of your discs. We have partnered with the best production plants in every country we are operational in, insuring the best quality and the best price.

We will also assist you with digital sales of your music on iTunes ™ and Google Play ™.

You need to PERFORM. Traxtudio Records partnered with leading booking agencies around the globe to assist you to get your music on stage.

While you are touring, Traxtudio Media and Sales will assure that the marketing will be ongoing.
STEP ELEVEN: Da Capo al fine

While you are touring we will assist you to start the process from the top - from songwriting, getting your home in order, to scheduling the recording etc.

Dear Client

During the worldwide social-change project to contain the COVID-19 pandemic Traxtudio Holdings International is rapidly adjusting our operating model to ensure that we are still able to work hard at serving our corporate clientele, delivering the highest-quality award-winning music productions and protecting your intellectual property while also being responsive to your enquiries and transaction request. Our priority is to first guarantee that all our staff are insulated from infection and transmission risk by playing our part in the Social Distancing initiative to enable working from home. The constraints and challenges associated with enabling the technology in each home may mean intermittent disruption to our responsiveness capability.

Where possible, we encourage you to use our digital platforms such as our online chat function or quick inquiry system. We are boosting capability for email responses. We therefore recommend that you email your enquiries to which aims to respond within 24 working hours.

Our new online scheduling and video conferencing facility is live. Please click here to schedule an appointment.

To read the press release on the You’re the One Talent Search project with regards to the impact of COVID-19, please click here.