Traxtudio is synonymous with music and entertainment. Over two decades Traxtudio positioned itself as a global, award-winning studio group, music publisher and music supplier (including a production music library). We understand music. We understand the industry better than any other practise.

Therefore, as part of Traxtudio Consult, we have partnered with Nielen Marais Incorporated to bring the media and entertainment industry these affordable services.

• Information Technology
• Cyber-Law Issues
• Telecommunications Law
• Advertising Law
• Legal Advise on Aspects Affecting The Film, Television and Music Industries
• Copyright, Trademarks Patents and Other Fields of Intellectual Property Law
• Disputes and Complaints Pertaining to Broadcasting
• Defamation Suits

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The Entertainment Law Department

Offers advice on all legal aspects affecting the film, television and music industries. Representing a broad spectrum of clients from film and television producers, writers, artists, directors, studios, representative bodies, musicians, publishers and suppliers we can assist with all entertainment related legal needs.
We are aiming to grow our reputation as an adviser for foreign film and television producers looking to do business in South Africa. With a favourable currency exchange rate, a vast field of industry-experts (ranging from film and TV, as well as post production studios, directors, musicians, actors, etc.) stunning locations for filming, reliable government incentives, etc., South Africa provides an attractive service and (co- ) production environment.

Locally, there are very little firms that will understand the industry like we do. Traxtudio Media & Entertainment Attorneys wish to serve clients with expert, and focused advice with regards to any legal matter in this complex and competitive industry.
Because music is our core business, our music practice continues to grow. We understand the industry and as a global recording studio group, dealt with all sorts of clients over the years, ranging from international record labels, artists, production houses, managers, etc. We are able assist with the negotiation of recording, publishing and management deals and assist in royalty, ancillary income and 360 deal rights disputes and calculations.