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During the worldwide social-change project to contain the COVID-19 pandemic Traxtudio Holdings International adjusted our operating model rapidly to ensure that we are still able to work hard at serving our corporate clientele, delivering the highest-quality award-winning music productions and protecting your intellectual property while also being responsive to your enquiries and transaction requests.

During this process our priority was to first guarantee that all our staff are insulated from infection and transmission risk by playing our part in the Social Distancing initiative to enable working from home. The constraints and challenges associated with enabling the technology in each home meant intermittent disruption to our responsiveness capability. We are pleased to announce that we are 100% up and running again at full capacity, with most staff working from home permanently.

To ensure maximum profitability during these trying times we had to undergo a process of restructuring.

Physical studio-premises are now available only as follow:

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Traxtudio CEO, Riaan Steyn team up with Queen’s Brian May, (Broadway and West End star), Kerry Ellis, (the Grammy Award-winning) Soweto Gospel Choir, Dr Wilhelm Lichtenberg and (violin virtuoso) Elzaan Coetzee. …Steyn is the musical genius behind Young Hearts Africa and boasts a long list of accomplishments as composer, arranger and music producer. Working out of Traxtudio International in Cape Town, he employed his unique wizardry to produce a work redolent of the pathos and emotion of the original, infused with rich African sounds. The new arrangement is scored for two solo voices, a rock band, a full symphony orchestra and choir. Combined with Ellis' clear sound, schooled on Broadway and in London's West End, Lichtenberg's pure, powerful soaring tenor voice and the unmistakable energy of the Soweto Choir, May's unmistakable guitar playing takes the concept of symphonic rock to a new level and May himself described the processing as “pure genius”. Source: Queen Official Site