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Music Industry

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Services to the TV and Film Industry (Broadcasting)

In-House 70 Piece Film Symphony Orchestra and Choir
ADR | Post Production Facilities
Orchestrators / Arrangers
Production Music Library
Professional Backing Tracks for TV Shows
Media Accounting Services
Media & Entertainment Attorney Practise
Composing of Original Music Scores in any Genre








Industry Clients


Corporate Services

IVR Recording and Integration
Audio Recording for Corporate Videos
Audio Recording for Radio/TV Advertisements
Production Music Library
Audio Branding
Acoustic Engineering
Noise Control
In-Store Radio

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Industry Clients


Legal Services

Our legal practice offers advice on all legal aspects affecting the film, television and music industries.

Representing a broad spectrum of clients from film and television producers, writers, artists, directors, studios, representative bodies, musicians, publishers and suppliers, we can assist with all entertainment related legal needs.

Because music is our core business, our music practice continues to grow. We understand the industry and as a global recording studio group, dealt with all sorts of clients over the years- ranging from international record labels, artists, production houses, managers, etc. We are able assist with the negotiation of recording, publishing and management deals and assist in royalty, ancillary income and 360 deal rights disputes and calculations.

Get contracts from as little as R100 per contract.

Separate to our legal practice, we also have an Audio Forensics Practice.

Accounting Services

We offer industry-specific, affordable accounting services.

From as little as R38 per month we can help industry experts with their tax.

Everything happens ONLINE.

Global Distribution Services

T.W.D. is a subsidiary of Traxtudio Holdings International – a leading worldwide media and entertainment giant, which means:

1. We have a worldwide network (with branches in) Africa, Australia and Europe (expanding to other parts of the world).
2. Our team consists of dedicated (local) industry experts with years of experience.
3. Via our existing clientele-network we are able to provide the vendor or reseller with unmatched turn-around time and distribution of their products.
4. We can assist you (as a vendor or reseller) with media and entertainment law advice and services.
5. When distributing in South Africa, it is noteworthy that we have a high B-BBEE status.

Project Management Services

We incorporate our knowledge of the industry to bring our clients the latest technology, combined with innovative thoughts on how to employ this, and to manage the inception- and installation process up to completion of the project.

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During the worldwide social-change project to contain the COVID-19 pandemic Traxtudio Holdings International is rapidly adjusting our operating model to ensure that we are still able to work hard at serving our corporate clientele, delivering the highest-quality award-winning music productions and protecting your intellectual property while also being responsive to your enquiries and transaction request. Our priority is to first guarantee that all our staff are insulated from infection and transmission risk by playing our part in the Social Distancing initiative to enable working from home. The constraints and challenges associated with enabling the technology in each home may mean intermittent disruption to our responsiveness capability.

Where possible, we encourage you to use our digital platforms such as our online chat function or quick inquiry system. We are boosting capability for email responses. We therefore recommend that you email your enquiries to which aims to respond within 24 working hours.

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