Traxtudio Holdings International is an international media group consisting of fifteen subsidiary and associate companies operational (and with branches) in South Africa, Australia, Argentina (South America) The Netherlands (Europe).


Traxtudio Holdings International aims to stay a major networking facilitator in the entertainment and corporate media industry in Africa, Australia and Europe (expanding to other parts of the world), providing a professional atmosphere for artists and corporate clients to capture (and distribute) a high quality product in order to fulfill their end user’s desire for their product. Through partnerships with major roleplayers in the entertainment and corporate and media industry, Traxtudio Holdings International can be a provider for all recording, multi-media designing, distribution, legal- and/or financial-services and consulting needs, becoming home to both local and major international acts and corporate clients.


To enable artists, corporate clients and innovators to fulfill their recording, multimedia designing, sounddesigning, audio branding, music publishing, distribution and consulting needs in a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere efficiently and cost effectively in order to achieve a superior product of the highest professional quality. Traxtudio Holdings International also wishes to build a strong long-term relationship with clients in order to be able to facilitate a networking community for our clients to build on each other’s’ successes, and to capitalize on the growing media and entertainment markets on the continent of Africa, in Australia, Europe (and the rest of the world), through uniqueness and the ability of customization for each project.


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TraxMedia (Pty) Ltd is a black economic empowered company in compliance with the South African government’s ICT charter and currently holds a level 2 BEE contributor status and is a 51% black-owned company.