In accordance with the SA Government’s urge issued on 15 March 2020, to prohibit public gatherings of 100 or more - we are not permitted to proceed with staging our planned quarter final rounds until this ban is lifted.

Our updated schedule will be made available online once we have more clarity on when the ban will be lifted and once we’ve reached an agreement with the property owners and sponsorships.

We appeal to our contestants to please bear with us in these difficult times, which is out of our control. We need your patience and support and thank you in advance.

Please visit this website weekly for updates.

You’re the One! is a multinational singing competition to be hosted in selected malls of Attacq, Atterbury, Growthpoint and Hyprop across South Africa and Namibia and will provide a new stage for the Southern African Performing Arts.

Dear Client

During the worldwide social-change project to contain the COVID-19 pandemic Traxtudio Holdings International is rapidly adjusting our operating model to ensure that we are still able to work hard at serving our corporate clientele, delivering the highest-quality award-winning music productions and protecting your intellectual property while also being responsive to your enquiries and transaction request. Our priority is to first guarantee that all our staff are insulated from infection and transmission risk by playing our part in the Social Distancing initiative to enable working from home. The constraints and challenges associated with enabling the technology in each home may mean intermittent disruption to our responsiveness capability.

Where possible, we encourage you to use our digital platforms such as our online chat function or quick inquiry system. We are boosting capability for email responses. We therefore recommend that you email your enquiries to which aims to respond within 24 working hours.

Our new online scheduling and video conferencing facility is live. Please click here to schedule an appointment.

To read the press release on the You’re the One Talent Search project with regards to the impact of COVID-19, please click here.