Traxtudio Music Publishing is both a force for developing aspiring composers and songwriters, and a business entity for partnerships with established artists and brands. Wherever our multi-level music activities create opportunities, Traxtudio Music Publishers global professional administrative setup takes care of the rights generated.

Whatever the project, wherever the scene, Traxtudio Music Publishing has the means and the people to foster the best new musical talent, and to distribute their works as fully licensable material to external clients.

At Traxtudio music publishing we also believe that a songwriter creating beautiful songs should be able to do this without wondering if he/she will get paid for creating these songs. We also believe that the old way of music publishing, where the publisher owns the repertoire of many great songwriters, is long gone.

We would like to sign up new songwriters and administer the royalty income from their songs for them to make sure they get what they deserve and still own the songs they created. Furthermore, we would like to develop these songwriters and shape them into world class songwriters who can make a decent living by doing something they are good at and love.

If you are an advertising agency, or a film or music producer looking for hit songs, please contact us.

We have also a bespoken track-record of music rights administration for international TV productions like THE VOICE.