CML administrates the music rights of more than 2200 congregations across the globe, representing about 2 million church members.



CML also provide expert print-ready setwork-services of hymnals to church denominations. Here is an example of one of the thousands of hymnal-works that was set by CML:

Why do I have to pay a licensing fee to use music during church services?

Copyright owners enjoy several rights to their works (in other words, the music they have written): The rights of reproduction, distribution, public performance and display, preparation of derivative works, and, in the case of sound recordings, digital transmission as well.

A copyright license gives a licensee (in this case, the church) authorization to use a work (music) from the copyright owner in exchange for obtaining (paying) a valid (yearly) license.

Church Music Licensing (CML) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Traxtudio® and a music licensing society and royalty administration hub on behalf of BibleMedia. CML have an exclusive licensing agreement with BibleMedia with regards to certain of the latter’s works. The hub’s primary role is to administer Performing and Digital Rights on behalf of the Publisher (BibleMedia) and distribute royalties to composers where necessary.

In other words, Church Music Licensing ensures that the lawful owner of the music that is used in church services, receives the correct compensation for the use of their works.

My congregation stream our service live on an online platform (like YouTube). Do I need a license?

The answer is most certainly, “yes”. We collect and distribute royalties on behalf of the publisher. To apply for a license, please either register or log in by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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I write music and want to submit it to BibleMedia.
Ek skryf kerkmusiek en wil dit graag aan Bybel-Media stuur.

    I have an inquiry regarding church music and music rights.
    Ek het ’n navraag rakende kerkmusiek en musiekregte.